Support My Missions

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I have been dealing with major problems regarding my parent’s health, so I have been ignoring a lot of things I ordinarily do…like write you and post new images.  Most importantly, I have not been able to go on my missions to help the people.

I have gained no momentum raising funds a little at a time, so I am looking for large donors who can fund an entire mission in one go (roughly $2000).  My charity is a 501(c)(3) so donations are tax-deductible.

What I can offer in addition to this is sponsor recognition.  Since I will be filming segment 3 of a documentary about my charity, it would be an excellent opportunity to add your name and/or your business’s name to the film credit as well as in mission photos.  Hopefully, this will lead to greater recognition for you.

If this sounds like something which would interest you please contact me directly:


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Image Consulting Returns!

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As you know, I have been a professional model for years.  It has led to some of the greatest adventures of my life.

One of my most important responsibilities of being a TG model is to offer image consulting to cross dressers, transvestites, and transgendered people.  This is not a one-time deal.  I want the people I help to feel proud of themselves when they look in the mirror…walk onstage…or appear in shows, etc.   It is very much like therapy.

I took a small break from image consulting to focus on my missions, but helping you is just as important.  I understand how you wish to be beautiful, and how distressing it can be if you are not passable.  My services are back on the roster and am here to assist you!!!

I do my image consulting by appointment only.  My rate is a little high, but I think I earned it!  Contact me directly for details.  Just know that your funds will be used to support my missions, so in a very direct way you will be helping me save lives.  I can be reached at:

Remember:  all sessions are completely discreet so no worries about being unexpectedly discovered.  I look forward to helping you become the beautiful woman you wish to be!!!

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My Newest Photo

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I took a moment last week to take some new photos for you!  My hope is that they will encourage you to donate towards my next two missions.  Your donations are tax-deductible as my charity is a 501(c)(3).  Just let me know if you wish to donate officially as it is a different Paypal address.

Otherwise, please send your donations to  I must raise $1500 in two weeks to go on my first mission, and then another $1500 before the end of June for the second mission.  You will undoubtedly be saving lives by donating!  Thank you for your help!!!!

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Help Me Save Lives!


As you know, I run a special charity which helps orphaned children in war zones.  A lot of what I do is deliver medical supplies and equipment, but also medical services.  None of this can be done without donations to cover airline tickets, accommodations, etc.

I run my charity with the least amount overhead possible for a purpose – to prove that ANYONE can make the world better…that you do not have to be rich or have an office to save lives.  My missions cost roughly $1500 each.  Compare that to the Red Cross, etc.  And the lives I affect are in the thousands.

What I need from you…my loving fans…are donations.  I have three missions to complete this year…important ones.  You can help me make them happen by contributing the funds I need.  I require $1500 for my Ukraine mission which begins in June, followed by another $1500 for my Venezuela mission which begins at the end of June.  The one which follows – Congo – will require more funds and planning than ever, so we will address that one later.

I always promise more photos but never seem to have the time to get in front of the camera.  I will make this happen.  I will also try and re-start my show, because we all really enjoyed it.

Please contribute.  This is my calling and I need you to help me save lives!!!  I will gladly meet you in person to accept your donation!!!

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Leaving Again

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Trying to get your attention!

I am departing for the front line once again. This time is no different – I’ll be delivering medical supplies to hospitals and orphanages in need.  I won’t be gone for long, I promise!!!  Support me if you can…because I need it:

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Taking a Stand for the TG Community

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Standing up for Transgendered Americans

For decades I have been a part of the transgendered community without having much to do with it.  I know that thousands of people look for support and direction from me…especially these days…without me uttering a single word of wisdom or advice.  I apologize for this.

From now on I am going to take an active role in helping my fellow transgendered Americans.  Even if this means taking a political stand against policies which are biased against us.  I’ll do my best to help – I just need to know where to focus my attention.

For now, if you have anything to say…anything to plea…any grievance at all, I want to hear about it.  I want to know more about YOU and how to make YOUR life better.  I spend most of my time helping people around the world.  It’s time to bring some of that fight home.


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I’m Back!!!

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Actually, I have been back for a few days but had to catch up on a lot of missed sleep.  My time in South America was well-spent and will most likely be traveling there a lot in the months to come.  This is a great thing as there are plenty of people who really need help down there!!!

But…for now…I must keep my promise to you and take some new photos!!!  And since it is getting close to summer weather out there I can do some bikini pics for you!  This is because you help me with my missions, and that means the world to me.

Up next is another mission back to Ukraine…and this one is specifically to help a girl who has cancer.  I need to leave by the 15th so help me raise the necessary funds.  At this point I really need a publicist who knows how to promote and fund raise.  If you think you are up for the challenge I welcome you to contact me!

PS:  I really miss this outfit!!!!!  I wore it to pieces…literally…during my major modeling days.


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All is Well!

Hi from South America!!!  Everything is going extremely well.  Bonus – all this walking is making my legs look amazing!!!  But money is low.  If you are able please donate – I need you!  PayPal:

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See You All when I get Home!!!

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Rethinking the Nikki Show


I have been watching a Youtube series which focuses on the various differences between America and Ireland.  The host is beautiful, brilliant, and hilarious!  Then the thought came to mind that this is how I could construct the Nikki Show.

Rather than gather a multi-person crew with thousands of dollars of equipment, I could do a much simpler production like the one above.  AND, I could interact with you live (on occasion)!!!  This seems to be a no-brainer, in my opinion.  The best part is that you will not have to wait months for me to begin filming and endure a lengthy editing process.

I want to hear your thoughts about how I could structure the show.  At this point, any idea is a good idea!  So write me at and tell me all about them.  If I can get one tech-savvy person to assist me I could easily have the first few episodes ready to air next month!!!!

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More Missions…More Photos!

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I like our current arrangement in that if you support my missions to help make the world better, I will take more photos for you!  It’s both productive AND fun!!!  I actually took a new set in a bikini and some other outfits which I hope you will like.  I’m just waiting for them to be edited.

As you know, I am leaving for South America in a week to help refugees in Colombia.  It is a MASSIVE problem.  The best I can do is write a report and begin the process of delivering medical supplies to some of the clinics.  But at least it’s something.

What you do not know, however, is that I will be departing almost immediately after my return for another mission to Ukraine.  There are so many children who still need surgery and other medical attention, and I must see them all to assess and initiate medical assistance.  THIS is the mission for which I will need quite a bit of assistance as I will only have 1 week to raise the $1,500 required to make this mission possible.   Will you help me?  As always, you may make a direct contribution to mt Paypal address:


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A New Mission!

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I will be leaving for South America in just a week.  This w3ill be the first of many missions to help address the massive refugee problem in the northern countries.  As with all first missions, this one will be fact-finding only.  The delivery of medical equipment and supplies will follow.  I need to be sure that the places I will be helping are real and honest!

I am economically deficient…again…for this mission so if you wish to help me help the people, please Paypal funds to:  If you need a more discreet (and accurate) Paypal address and wish to deduct your donation I will be happy to provide this information in a direct message.

As always, thank you for always being my friends, my fans, and my supporters!!!!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!!  I hope you have a beautiful day!  And if you happen to be single, remember that it is better to be alone than to spend a ton of money on an evening with someone who you don’t really like…or who doesn’t like you!!!   You are beautiful and awesome and you deserve true love – it is worth the wait!!!

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I am Back!

20181214_210025 - Copy (2)

I just returned from my mission overseas.  It was cold, unpleasant, and I got very sick, but I accomplished all I set out to accomplish.  When lives are at stake we must do what must be done regardless of the cost.  Thank you all for always supporting my cause!!!  And as a reward for your help I will take more photos for you!!!

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4 Days

20181214_191134 - copy (2)I have 4 days left to raise $700 to make my mission to provide medical aid to children a success.  If you donate I will be extremely grateful!!!  Again, I will be happy to personally accept any significant donation.  It is the least I can do to show my appreciation for your support!!!  Paypal:

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Please Support My Mission

nikki 142I am posting this recently shot photo to entice you to donate.  I am 7 days away from departure for the war zone of Ukraine and I still need $2000.  It is a very small amount and am hoping one or more of you will come to my rescue and donate.  This mission is important as I am ferrying medical supplies for a hospital in a small city in the east.  As I mentioned previously, I will be happy to personally accept any large donation.  My Paypal address is

Photo by Neuve


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New Photos!

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At long last, here is the first of my new photos!!!  It was meant to be just a test shot to get my posing and lighting correct, but it turned out so nicely that we decided to post it!  I actually have several very talented photographers now, but this was the first to shoot me at a studio.  I hope you like it!!!

Bear in mind that on just a little over a week I will be leaving for the war again to deliver medical supplies to children and hospitals.  I’m still in need of $1500 to ensure I have a very successful mission so if you care to donate it will be deeply appreciated!!!  All donation are tax-exempt.  Paypal:

Photo by Neuve


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Nikki 132Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!!!  I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful holiday and that all your wishes come true!!!  I will be departing for my mission on January 14th so don’t forget to donate (Paypal:  You will be helping women and children in dire need get the health care necessary to live good and happy lives!

PS:  Contact me directly if you need a more discreet and official Paypal address.

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Thank You for Your Support!

NikkiSarah031Bsm (2)

Many of you have donated funds and supplies to my charity over the years.  Thank you so very much for everything!!!  I could not have accomplished my missions without you.

Most importantly, I wish to thank my ex.  She stood solidly by my side…even when she was not well…and cheered me on.  Without her I would not have this blog…my book…my modeling career, and…most importantly…the charity.

I know that donating these days is not easy, so every penny you have contributed is cherished.  Just remember that your help has saved lives, and that makes it worth the effort.

Image:  From a crime scene theme shoot I did in Atlanta a few years ago.

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I Would Love to do a Photo Shoot with You!

DSC_5171 edit 9

Many of you have asked if I would do a photo shot with you.  The answer is YES!!!  I have an amazing makeover artist who can assist you in achieving any look, and a photographer who is well-known in the art community.

Here is my deal:  donate towards my next mission ($300 minimum) and I will schedule a shoot with a theme of your choosing (tasteful topic is a must).  I will need several week’s time to arrange the event and must talk to you so that I have a good idea of what you would like to accomplish.

This has been an endeavor I have wanted to launch for years but never got around to it.  Better late than never, right?!  I look forward to taking a lot of awesome photos with you!!!


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You Are Beautiful

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A lot of people say to me, “I want to look like you.”  But here is the thing – you are perfect just as you are!!!  Everything about you is beautiful and absolutely unique in all the universe.  There is no one…and will never be anyone…like you, ever, which makes you infinitely special!  So don’t focus on how others look.  Just know that you are amazing and perfect…and always will be (especially to me)!!!

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Help Me Help the Children


As you all know, I am preparing for my next charity mission overseas.  I will be traveling to two war-torn countries in desperate need of medical aid.  My departure is scheduled for January and I will be returning in February.

I need to raise $6,000.00 for this mission – one of most expensive thus far.  But the amount of good which will be done and the number of lives which shall be saved is more than worth the cost.

Please donate to the cause.  In exchange I will be happy to meet with the top contributor/s so that we can hang out!  Contact me and/or send donations to the following Paypal address:

PS:  All contributions are tax deductible.


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Happy Halloween!!!

Nikki 15 24026Happy Halloween, everyone!!!  I hope you have a super-fun holiday!!!

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First Modeling Shoot

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My first modeling shoot since March will commence this weekend!  These will be  amateur shots to get me back into the swing of things, but photos, nevertheless.  I had a specific way of posing…smiling…and dressing for these shoots and they were NOT as haphazard as they may appear, so I need a little practice.  This is the best way to do it.  Hopefully, there will be some which I can post for you!!!

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Final Mission for 2018

Nikki 17 1015

I have begun final preparations for the last charity mission of 2018.  Within the next month I will be returning to Ukraine to deliver badly-needed supplies to a remote maternity hospital as well as visit some of my favorite special needs children deep inside the war zone.

This will be my final mission for the year.  2018 has been my most successful, totaling 5 overseas missions…ALL due to your support.  THANK YOU!!!!!!

I want to end the year on a high note.  We are in need of further funding to ensure that everything goes well and that we have the resources necessary to deliver the material we have collected for the hospital.  If you wish to donate you may do so via my Paypal account:  My charity is a 501(c)(3) so tax receipts for deductions are possible.

Thank you again for helping me help the people.  Many lives have been saved because of your continued support!!!

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Great News!


I have set two modelling sessions to get you some new photos!  One is a highly-talented professional and the other is a good friend who wants to give modelling photography a shot.

As you may remember, I was an internationally-known model (who actually modeled clothes) and budding TV show personality until my ex befell schizophrenia.  As if this wasn’t bad enough, my main photographer who made me famous was murdered.  Only recently did I rekindle my interest in finding a new photographer.  She will be joining me soon!

In the meantime, I really want to keep you happy by posting something other than 5 year old images!!!  I haven’t changed any, but I really love being in front of the camera and simply miss it.  So, look for new images in the next few weeks!!!

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New Mission Declared!

Flickr 1 7034
As you know, I work very hard to help children around the world.  The last mission area was the Dominican Republic.  We enjoyed working with the kids and planned to return, but the more we thought about it the more we realized that the orphanage which we assisted was pretty swanky and there were many others which could truly use our help.

So, we have declared a new mission area to which we will be traveling in the next few months.  It is a remote area of Central Asia which receives little attention from aid organizations.  This will be another dangerous destination for which I am well-known, but I am sure it will be okay.

I will be asking for donations to make this mission possible.  I will need a total of $3000 plus supplies, so if you wish to assist please do so!!!   Paypal:



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A New Mission


Taken by Lithium Dreams in Atlanta, GA

As you know, I just returned from a very successful mission to the Dominican Republic.  We vetted the orphanage and found them to be of good standing and the supplies we delivered created great smiles among the children.  So successful was our mission that we are planning a return visit at the end of September!  I wish to thank everyone who helped make this mission possible.  You made a difference!

I am planning on a possible last-minute mission next week.  It is a critical new zone in Central America (I decided to drop Syria as it is insanely dangerous) and I need to develop contacts and trustworthy supply lines.  I need to raise a maximum of $2,000 by Sunday, July 15.  If you can help me do this you will be doing a lot of good for the children of northern Nicaragua.  As always, you can either transfer funds directly to my PayPal account (, but I do not mind personal visits.  I like getting to know the people who help me in my mission to make the world better.

Thank you again for being so supportive.  You are all wonderful people!!!!

Update:  This mission has been aborted and shifted to a new area in Central Asia.




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A Little Help Needed

Flickr 13 3878

As you know, I will be departing for my first mission to the western hemisphere in two days.  This is a move away from war zones and helping people a little closer to home.  I truly hope it is successful.

I am roughly $200 short of my mission’s economic goals.  If you are able to contribute it will be greatly appreciated!!!!  And, by the way, you will hopefully get a few beach pics of me while I am there!  Paypal:

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My Next Mission is a Go!


I recently purchased tickets for my next charity mission, which begins in less than two weeks.  You will be happy to know that…for once…I will not be going to a war zone!  Additionally, this will be my first mission in the western hemisphere.  If all goes well I may begin spending more time focusing on our neighbors to the south where there are plenty of children in need.  Thank you again for believing in me and supporting my work!!!

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Not on Tumblr

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I was recently informed that my photo and profile is on Tumblr.  THIS IS NOT ME so disregard whatever is posted.  Well…I suppose there is not harm in reading whatever is posted…but just be aware they are not my thoughts.  This, my sanctioned fan page, and the occasional feminization ads are the only posts which are actually me.  Thank you…my wonderful fans…for keeping me posted about bogus Nikki posts, ads, and pages!!!

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What You Need to Know about Me

Nikki 10 013

I am an adventurer…explorer…and hedonist, but above all I am a humanitarian.  Everything I do has one purpose:  to make the world a better place.  If you ever wonder who I am…what makes me tick…this is your answer.  It does not mean I am opposed to enjoying life – I am not a fanatic.  I am just very aware that everyone’s life has a specific purpose…and helping the people is mine.

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Nikki Travel Log?

Old 4 1228 2

As you can see, I am working hard not only trying to help make the world a little better, but also getting myself back on track.  It has been a rough but adventurous 5 years, and an idea came to mind on how I could profit from them.

Since I travel to places where others fear to tread, I think it would be beneficial…and fun…to write about my journeys.  The information I can provide would help you…my wonderful fans…explore places off the beaten path…and I will help you do so safely.

I will keep you posted on my progress.  Feminization and book sales may (barely) pay the bills, but I need more stability in order to continue doing my charity work.  This might be the answer.

PS:  For those who are not familiar with the term, “feminization” is the process of helping gender-questioning men find their female self.  This is a complicated endeavor requiring months…if not years…of appearance, mannerisms, voice, and self-esteem guidance.


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First Mission in the Western Hemisphere!

Nikki 1 9693

As you know, I am deeply involved in helping children in impoverished countries – typically ones at war.  This month I am launching my first mission in the western hemisphere.  I figured it was time to bring the fight closer to home.

The problem is that any time I change mission areas there is a period of panic among my supporters resulting in the lack of adequate funding.  My goal is to be in-country either towards the end of May or the beginning of June (it was supposed to be mid-April but clearly that didn’t happen).

If you are interested in supporting my work with orphaned children I will gladly accept any donations.  Even small ones still help (send funds to my Paypal account:  I thank you again for always being my loyal fans!  More new photos to come, by the way!!!

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Not Always Me

Old 5 13895

The more I get back to being myself the more I am realizing how much chaos my absence created.  I have found that…on numerous occasions…my name and/or image was used to place ads for various services and build false identities on social media.  Weird and annoying, right?!  The part I could never understand is what these people are thinking will happen when they agree to meet someone.  There is only one Nikki Tanikawa! 😀

If you happen to see an ad or page which features my image please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Generally speaking I don’t care, but I like to know just in case something weird happens.  And definitely DO NOT respond to an ad which claims to be me – it most certainly isn’t  (I DO have a sanctioned fan page created by an awesome friend and occasionally advertise for feminization consultation services – these are the exceptions).

PS:  I know for sure that the above image was used to create an unauthorized account using my name.



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My Girl

Nikki 86 13037

As you all know…in painfully recalled detail…that I was once married to a wonderful girl who I lost to schizophrenia.  She is still around…just not the person I had first met.  I can happily say that this dark era ended last year when I met my new girl, who is also my photographer!!!  She is a very private person so I will not say much about her, but can tell you without hesitation that I am happier than I have ever been.  It is because of her that I am back into modeling and am resurrecting the Nikki TV show!  Eventually, you may get to know her a little better, but for now just be happy that she is there…lifting my spirits…and getting me back on track.  I sincerely hope you like her images of me…which will only get better as we get the lighting and background perfected!!!

PS:  the above image is not one of hers – it was taken by my friend and main photographer, Tom, who was murdered 5 years ago.

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A Nikki Tanikawa Graphic Novel?

NK 6

It has been discussed a number of times that I should have a graphic novel based on my adventures…and I agree!!!!!!  So, if someone wants to team up with me and help make this happen, let me know.  It is time for me to be famous again!!!

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I am Not an Escort!

Nikki Kate 1

As of late I have been contacted by a number of gentlemen seeking escorting services.  I find this very odd as my experimental days were years ago.  So…just in case…I am posting this to firmly declare that I am not an escort!!!  Honestly, these contacts kind of creep me out as there is no reason people should be writing me for my services.  I write back to see who they are and how they found me but typically communication ends quickly…which is even creepier!

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Meet Me in Person!

Nikki Kate 2

After spending several months overseas helping special needs children I have finally returned home.  It was a hard mission…one with many complications and difficult cases.  I sincerely hope that I will be successful in providing adequate aid to at least a few of the children I met.

I have a special request.  I need an iPhone – a used one is perfectly fine.  This is for communication purposes, of course, but also for photographic purposes.  My request is for the charity so your contribution is tax-deductible.  If you have an iPhone which you don’t mind giving away, please contact me immediately at my email address:  The best part is that you can deliver it directly so that you can meet me in person!


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I Will Be Back Soon!!!

NK 7I am leaving for dangerous places once again to help children in need.  This will be a long mission – almost two months – but a meaningful one.  This trip will focus mainly on special needs children in two countries.  As always, I welcome financial support as it is greatly needed.  If you wish to help please Paypal to  On a happy note, I will be taking more photos for you so keep an eye out for them.  See you again very soon!!!

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