Help Me Help the Children of Ukraine

August 7, 2016 sexyknees

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Pretending to cook!

As you know I am very much involved in protecting the people…especially the mentally ill and children.  Many times I have gone into the war zones of Ukraine to help with evacuation, teach on matters regarding explosive dangers, and…most recently…deliver life-saving medical equipment to hospitals near or inside hostile territory.

I have offered a date with anyone who can provide the funds I need in order to make an emergency trip to deliver a device to a children’s hospital which will undoubtedly save lives.  This must happen and it must happen soon.  Your support means the world to me and especially to those in need, for their lives depend on it.

I ask again if anyone will be generous enough to ensure the success of my mission.  The total needed is $2200 – 1200 for the ticket and 1000 for in-country expenses.  Airline points are perfectly acceptable.

I am revealing a lot about myself in these posts, but I trust that the value of my endeavors are important enough to ensure that you keep my charity safe by not mentioning who I am to anyone.  Many of my supporters would not understand my lifestyle and as such may stop assisting.  But I accept this possibility in order to do what must be done.  Thank you for always being so supportive and I love you all!!!

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