I Am Back and Need Your Help!

April 23, 2016 sexyknees

Nikki 73 14603

Actually, I have been back for a while but have been super-busy getting caught up with bills and making good on promises to care for sick children I met.

It was a very exciting, dangerous, and soul affirming mission. Many lives are protected due to my work and many children whom would have gone without notice are now being looked at as potential aid recipients. It was totally worth the time and effort.

In regard to needs which must be met, I ask of you,my wonderful fans, if any of you have a hearing amplifier – a good one – you can donate. For this you will have earned a date with me!!!

I also am in great need of equipment which will aid in the growth and physical well-being of many children with cerebral palsy. I am willing to take any good-quality piece worth shipping.

Finally, I am preparing for another mission in June to deliver any donations you give. Financial donations will be gladly accepted as I will need it for airline tickets, living expenses, etc.

If the response is good then I will set aside time for a new photo shoot before I go! I have a new photographer – you have seen some of her work – and I will finally give you something pretty at which to look. Deal?

A date with me…just to be clear…will be a nice, stress-free dinner at my tiny little home. It isn’t the greatest of date options but my time is limited. At least you get to meet me!!!!

About the above photo: I remember when this was taken by my old photographer, Tom. It is apt as he died a few years ago – killed by a drunk driver. This was at his old home. I miss him every day.

For donation questions contact me at:  sexyknees21@hotmail.com


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