A Million Memories

February 19, 2016 sexyknees

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I began this journey a long time ago (thank goodness I don’t age). The message I had from the beginning is to always be willing to challenge boundaries, live free, explore as much as possible, and be yourself. I am a firm believer that life is WAY too short to spend it doing a lot of boring, meaningless activities – LIVE and LIVE BIG. Tomorrow may come at any moment so don’t leave yourself any room to look back and ask, “what if?”

Next week may very well be my last on earth. Sad, but quite possible. I am going into a combat area to help children, which a noble mission. If I meet my end I know I am okay because I am doing the right and good thing, as well as the fact that I have left virtually no stone left unturned. Maybe you can’t go as far as I have, but at least play a little and enjoy your time while you are able. Seriously – why not?

Finally, it is very important to reiterate my message that it doesn’t matter what you do for a living – as long as you are making the world a better place you are doing good. Do everything you can to help each other and remember to smile and hug a LOT – that one smile you give may save someone who has given up. And protect those with mental disabilities – they need your acceptance and love, not special treatment!

I love you all and believe in each and every one of you. See you soon with some new photos!!!

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