Pharmacological Foibles

March 4, 2014 sexyknees

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I have one thing to say about prescription medications: I hate them. I hate them for the following three reasons:

1) It is an inordinately profit-oriented monopoly which leaves many in need without the treatment they deserve due to economic deficiency.
2) I’ve known too many friends who have become addicted to prescription meds even though taken properly.
3) Though absolutely necessary, they sometimes do more harm than good in the treatment of a disease or condition.

Though I can go into detail about all three of my gripes, I will limit this post to just my recent experiences. When my significant other started taking medication for her schizophrenia my reaction was not annoyance, but rather befuddlement. The medication they prescribed controlled her symptoms, but changed her reactions so significantly that I had no idea how to read her emotions. This led to many complications between her and me. She was lucky in that it only took two attempts to get her medication right. My brother didn’t fare as well – it took him 10 meds and pretty much the same number of years to get his chemical “cocktail” correct.

During the 4 1/2 years that my s/o was ill I went out of my way to get to know many people of her age group and older in order to better understand her condition and what she was experiencing. Since she couldn’t expand on her predicament I had to guess, but my “helpers” did a fantastic job giving me pointers regardless of the particular disorder. The major complication was that there was no formal diagnosis until the very end, so though I had a good idea from what she suffered, I could not be sure until after the doctors were able to spend time with her. Though everyone’s experience was completely and utterly unique, the one common thread was their complaint about meds. To a person they all griped about how it changed the way they thought and behaved, so much so in many cases that they preferred the condition over the medicinal side effects!

Once my significant other left, my doctor insisted that I take anti-depressants. Though I have experience with anti-anxiety meds (which are much like drinking a half-glass of wine) I had no concept of the effect of ADs. After going through 7 – that’s right…7 – different anti-depressants in a 2 month period we finally found one which didn’t make me want to sleep all day, kill all humans, or render me comatose. Still, I find that my reactions to people and situations are significantly different. I appear to be angry but am actually just zoning. I slur my speech so I seem drunk half of the time. When I am happy, I come across as indifferent. These are basically the kind of emotional crossed signals which my s/o was giving during the first few months on her medication – no wonder why things were so confusing for us both!!!

Now that I have experienced prescription medications from the other side of the fence I have a much deeper understanding of not only what my significant other was having to suffer, but that of anyone currently taking meds with similar side effects (which seem to be most of them). As such, I can recommend the following: if you know someone who must take medication for any psychological disorder PLEASE BE PATIENT. The person you know may not act or think the way you expect, even if you have known him/her for years. They need your strength to get them through the worst part of acclimating to the his/her new chemistry, and the process may be lengthy. Give him/her all the love and encouragement you can provide as he/she will need every bit of it to get back on his/her feet. As always, feel free to write me for any advice!

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  • 1. Greg Large  |  March 15, 2014 at 6:06 am

    Glad to see you back to what you do best Greg

  • 2. Stan  |  July 27, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    Great read nikki thanks. Looking great as usual

  • 3. Leefosy Jar-Barf  |  August 7, 2014 at 7:38 pm

    I’ve been addicted to meth, intravenously…It’s all 1’s head…We choose our own actions…No blame, no finger pointing…Therefore, we decide when to quit and for what reason(s)…

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