Reluctant Adventure and Cautionary Tale

July 10, 2013 sexyknees

Nikk 18 0867

I have been asked by a friend for years if he could tag along with me to a porn store so he could see the reaction we  would get just walking around.  Mind you – I haven’t been to a sex shop in a very long time except to sell my book, so this would be as much of an adventure for me as it would be for him.  Finally, after a lot of prodding I agreed.  We arrived at the store and upon walking through the front door the stalking began.  It was both hilarious and sad.  Men crept out from all the dark corners began following us and would stand around while my friend and I looked at movies.  No one – not one of the 8 guys circling us like sharks – was brave enough to say “hello” to me.  I’ll talk with anyone who speaks to me – all you have to do is be friendly.  After about 15 minutes we departed – mission complete.

However, this is not where the adventure ends.  My friend had the forethought of planning alternate routes to get back home just in case we were followed.  He was right to do so as several cars took pursuit immediately after we let the porn store.  Nothing seemed menacing, but still you can’t be too careful.  Of note is that there is a parking lot across the street from the entrance of the store, making it easy for a stalker to watch everyone come and go.  I was wearing one of my trademark stripper outfits (pictured), which would absolutely draw attention.  It was from this parking lot that one of our followers began his chase.  My friend noticed our trailers and took several side roads to make sure we were begin followed.  They remained behind us so we were certain their presence was not by chance.

After several pre-planned attempts to lose our stalkers we concluded that they had been successfully evaded.  Upon arriving back home we circled the apartment complex and all was clear.  When we got back inside my home we laughed about the event.  Of course, this evening’s adventure was nothing with which I was not accustomed.  I have been followed a lot, and upon meeting some of these fellows all they wanted was to get to know me as they were too shy to approach me while I was in a store, etc.  That being said, if you are a frequent porn store shopper, please be careful.  People can be watching you from far away and tail you without your notice if you are not observant.  Also, your tags can be run providing people with your name and address.  Fun is fun, but you don’t want it to be in the form of a home invasion!

Finally, please remember that women experience this sort of attention all the time.  Decrease the creep factor by avoiding following us and work on building self-confidence so that you can walk up and talk to someone whom you find attractive.  You don’t have to strike up a conversation – a simple smile and “you look so pretty” would most likely brighten the person’s day.

PS:  If you want to look sexy when out in public, be sure to wear more sensible shoes than the ones pictured above!

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