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June 29, 2013 sexyknees

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When I first started being Nikki I put so much thought and care into my appearance.  Everything was model-perfect and camera-ready.  Everything, that is, except for one small detail – my nails.  For some reason I never paid much attention to them and as a result they suffered terribly.  I am not a nail biter, but poor nutrition (as you have read, I love fast food) along with genetic imperfection made my nails my worst feature.  For years my nails remained unhealthy.  They were ridged and at times even concave (probably due to stress as I tend to rub my nails when anxious).  It wasn’t until a transsexual friend of mine scoffed at them (in a friendly way) did I actually consider fixing the problem.

After a visit to my dermatologist – who provided no answers – I searched the market for a solution.  There are many over-the-counter options, most of which are made by the brand Sally Hansen, but none did the trick.  I improved my diet and avoided my stress habit, but still my nails remained unattractive.  Finally, on an outing to Ulta, I found the magic cure which I had been seeking.  It is a product in the nail polish section called Formula 2 Nail Protein by Nailtiques.  Within 2 weeks of use my mails were just as camera-ready as the rest of me!

Formula number 2 is specific for my nail problem, being that they are weak and thin.  You may require a 1 if your nails are healthy but need a little attention, or a 3 if they are hard and brittle.  Whatever the condition of your nails, I highly recommend this product.  With regular use you will find that you will not need acrylics for a show.  You can model your birth nails with pride!  And for you guys who are embarrassed about your nails but don’t want to sport a somewhat suspicious sheen on them, try putting on a coat when you get home and taking it off in the morning.  I can’t promise that this method will work, but it is better than having split or peeling nails.  Just make sure to use non-acetone polish remover, otherwise you will be undoing any improvement.

To close, the product is made by Nailtiques and can be found in the nail polish section section of Ulta.  A small bottle will run you $10.00 – well worth the cost to have healthy finger and toe nails.  Apply one coat per day – do not remove the previous application.  I usually let it build up for 5 days then start over.  I have used this product for 2 years and now no longer need it to have long, sexy nails for modeling events or dates.  So go forth, sad nail people, and be done with hiding your hands in your pockets or keeping your feet be-socked while frolicking – a solution awaits you!

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