Nikki Tanikawa on: Alien Abduction

May 29, 2013 sexyknees

I wanted alien antennae for this photo but all I had were bunny ears!  Close enough, eh?

I wanted alien antennae for this photo but all I had were bunny ears! Close enough, eh?

I have always believed that life exists elsewhere in the universe.  In  my opinion, we are far from being alone.  That being said, I have never given much credence to the tales of individuals who claim to have been abducted by aliens.  Why?  Mainly because those stories upon which the media focuses seem a little too contrived.

Recently, I have begun studying alien abduction and the further I get from televised tales the more credible the claims.  There are thousands of reports, all of which share very similar events, and many of which have claimants who refuse to identify themselves to avoid ridicule.  There are plenty more which involve highly reputable people who have nothing to gain from broadcasting their experience.  I ask myself, if these individuals have something to lose by sharing their stories, why take the risk?

My conclusion is that there are a small percentage of abduction claims which are 100% true.  If so, what are the goals of these non-terrestrial beings?  I believe the obvious answer is that we are being studied, just as we study primates and other forms of life on this planet.  From what I have read, this is nothing new – abductions have been going on for thousands of years.  That’s a lot of butt probing!  You’d think they’d have had enough of that by now, eh?  Well, what happens after they get their fill of anal excavations?  What is the next step?

I’m a little concerned that we may be the target of a soft invasion.  Earth is a planet overflowing with natural resources which would be useful to any alien race, so why wouldn’t they want to have access to our riches?  Perhaps our environment is a little too hostile for direct occupation, so a human/alien hybrid is necessary.  I know – this sounds a little bit like an X-Files plot, but it makes sense.  I’ve been reading a lot about the recent appearance of weird and terrifying individuals with black eyes, whom are aptly called, “Black-Eyed People.”  Since the typical description of aliens, or “Greys,” include black eyes and a lack of emotion, these “black-eyed people” seem to fit the human/alien hybrid bill.  More can be read about these mysterious people at the following sites:

I admit that I am jumping to conclusions and that there are absolutely no credible accounts of encounters with these “black-eyed people,” so don’t pay a lot of attention to my theory.  That being said, I very much welcome any thoughts and/or experiences you wish to share.  I’d like to know more about both alien abduction as well as these “black-eyed people,”  so please tell me anything and everything no matter how insignificant!

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