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March 16, 2013 sexyknees

I have a lot of fond memories of putting myself out there for the sole purpose of having fun with strangers.  It was exhilarating never knowing who I would meet next or what new and exciting adventures I would explore.  And then there was the mind-blowing sex – every position you could imagine, bodily fluids flowing everywhere, picking up new techniques from exotic corners of the world, orgasms of every sort, etc.  I was lucky being able to thoroughly expand both my male and female sexual boundaries concurrently, while at the same time keeping my mind open to help me grow as an individual.  The learning was just as important as the doing.

One of the most important lessons I learned as an escort is that, by and large, people are kind, caring, and giving.  It was not uncommon for people to bring me food, flowers, or random cards just to let me know that they were thinking of me.  If I needed anything I knew I could count on them.  Though the boundaries were clear (mainly no relationships, which everyone accepted without complaint), I never saw anyone whom I would not keep as a friend, and those friendships have been maintained to this day.  Basically, we were all helping each other explore – it was a shared experience rather than a business endeavor.  And these were not creepy people – most were solid professionals with great minds (I loved the intellectuals and would spend hours just talking with them), though some were deliciously depraved.  I could afford to be picky, and am glad that I was.

As for the sex, it was all good…even the bad ones.  And size does not matter as long as you really enjoy and trust the person you are seeing.  Some of the most fun I had was with less endowed clients (it helped, however, that they knew how to make the most out of what they had, though!).  And my female clients were always beautiful, loving, and wonderfully adventurous – there was practically nothing they would not try.  I enjoyed every engagement as it was always new and different, even if we had done the same thing a hundred times.  I was with friends, and that made all the difference.

For all the good, there were some bad experiences as well.  There the sloppy clients who left my number for angry wives to find.  On several occasions, people stole money or property.  Others would drop by unannounced while family was visiting.  Some would “forget” to bring their required tributes.  One threatened to murder me (on the phone before we met), and another wanted to hang me until I was dead as part of his domination fantasy.  All of these people were ones with whom I did not spend enough time getting to know ahead of time, so they slipped through my thorough selection process.

My advice to those of you who wish to engage in escorting is to find a safer profession.  I know plenty of former call girls who make a far better living engaging in legal endeavors.  Escort only as a last resort.  Yes, the money is good, but there are so many dangers.  If you are dead-set on the idea, just make sure to remember the following:

1)  ALWAYS spend plenty of time emailing your potential client.  Use a public computer if possible.  Make them pass a series of tests before giving out your phone number.

2)  ALWAYS use a phone which is not registered in your name.  Don’t make it easy to track you down.

3)  ALWAYS spend plenty of time talking with your potential client before agreeing to meet.  If anything…anything at all…feels fishy, DO NOT ENGAGE.

4)  As best as possible, use a hotel room and register using a different name.  Pay with cash.  Only meet at home people whom you have known for a while…if ever.

5)  ALWAYS make sure that you are not followed, or that people are not sitting in their cars watching you as you come and go from the hotel, home, etc.

6)  NEVER use drugs during your appointments.  Keep your mind clear.

7)  ALWAYS make sure you use a condom.

8)  ALWAYS get your tribute in advance.

9)  ALWAYS trust your intuition – if it doesn’t feel right, then something is wrong.

Please feel free to ask me for advice if you want to get out of the escorting business.  I am here to help.  However, if you are just starting out and want to stay safe, I will protect you as best I can.  Though I am terrible at responding to comments, I promise that I always read them and will answer quickly if you need my assistance!

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  • 1. hurricane1147  |  March 16, 2013 at 9:40 pm

    I typed something in on google and clicked on your site. I read your top 2 blog posts and found that you are extremely intelligible. I am also in progress of writing a book, but it is about a new take on humans in general (other aspects). Is this your first book too?

    • 2. sexyknees  |  March 17, 2013 at 2:12 am

      Hi! Thank you for writing, Hurricane1147. Actually, “Sexy Knees” was my 6th book (the others being medical textbooks). I had way too much fun recollecting my exploits and getting them down on paper. Though it wasn’t a huge hit, I am glad I committed myself to the project and completed it before too many details were forgotten. Congratulations on your literary adventure – be sure to keep me posted on your progress!

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