My Recent Ghost Experience

March 16, 2013 sexyknees

Photo by Alan Higgins of Lithium Dreams

A few months ago my girlfriend and I were returning from an evening with our neighbors.  It was a cold but clear night, the air oddly still.  I was the first to reach our stairwell, with my girlfriend and one of our neighbors, who kindly offered to escort us home, following 10 yards behind.  When I turned to find the rest of my party I saw a pair of legs – just legs dressed in brownish-tan pants and white tennis shoes – walking quickly underneath the streetlight which was only 10 feet away from where I stood.  I didn’t think much about it – people walk back and forth in front of our building all the time – until I saw my girlfriend and neighbor round the path into view.  It suddenly dawned on me that I didn’t hear footsteps when the stranger passed me, nor did I see the upper half of his (based on the apparition’s size and gait) body.  I asked if they saw the person who just walked by – both responded unhesitatingly that they were alone on the path.   There was no joking involved, and as a point-of-fact, it is impossible for two parties to be on the sidewalk in front of our building and not notice each other.

Ever since that cold January night I have wondered what I witnessed.  It was not a person on that path, but I remember seeing those legs clear as day.  It wasn’t the wind or haze, smoke, or wildlife – I saw human legs!  Three people have died abruptly (no murders – just health issues) in my building and the building immediately to the right of mine in the past four years.  I would not be surprised if they were still lingering around the neighborhood, not fully realizing that they had perished.  In fact, my next door neighbor still hears classic rock being played loudly in the apartment below at odd hours of the early morning – the weird part being that it was the favored music of the previous occupant who died there last year.  Currently, an elderly African-American woman resides there and she is as quiet as a mouse!

I believe that if you die suddenly, you may not know that you are no longer among the living.  For example, when you dream, most often you have no idea that you are dreaming until you awake – death could be the same way for those who suffer unexpected demises.  For my poor departed neighbors, I wish there was a way I could help them if they are lingering.  The Native Americans typically burn the belongings of family members who have passed away so as to leave them no reason to stay.  Obviously I can’t do that, but I welcome your suggestions.  I would also love to hear your ghost stories if you have any to share!

The above photo was taken by Alan Higgins of Lithium Dreams in Atlanta, GA, last summer (2012).  I highly recommend him if you need a photographer!

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  • 1. urlexi  |  March 24, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    Take the Buddhist approach and burn a tribute. It is common in Asia to send gifts up to the heavens by burning objects and then letting the smoke carry the belongings up. gives a new meaning to up in a puff of smoke. There are many oriental outlets in your city and you can buy little paper clothing, money, motorcycles, etc. If gifts are waiting for them then they might have a reason to go.
    Other than that…I totally agree with your observation and analysis. Always said you were both beauty and brains.

    • 2. sexyknees  |  May 30, 2013 at 5:30 pm

      You are absolutely correct, Urlexi! I typically burn a special blend of incense from the local Tibetan store or sage which I dried and bundled. They really seem to work!

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