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February 12, 2013 sexyknees

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Another Valentine’s day is upon us and I am being bombarded by the same battery of TV commercials prodding us to purchase this product or that.  I’m glad that Jane Seymore is still getting acting gigs from Kay Jewelers, but I don’t need to see her commercial 50 times a day.  That being said, her ad is so much more tolerable than those of Chanel or Jared.  Honestly, why should I care that this factory-made Frenchman is “not going to be what people expect” and how is that supposed to make me want to buy/wear Chanel’s product?  As for Jared, it is wonderful to be surprised with a special jewelry item but doubt that it matters to anyone that it came from this store or that – as long as it is not a conflict diamond most people are good.

Now that I am done with my prerequisite rant, I suggest the following for you and your special someone:  super-adventurous sex!  I have done a lot of really wacky things in the name of exploration and it is a small wonder how I didn’t get myself arrested in the process.  The benefit of having been incredibly irresponsible is that I possess a great wealth of knowledge of anything sexual and am happy to share it with anyone.  For instance, food sex – never thought I would enjoy an intimate experience with a burrito and two giant pickles being shoved into various orifices, but when it happened, I did.  Just remember, you will never know what you will like until you try it.

Of the things I can suggest, I will stick to relatively common activities which are less likely to end up with you and your significant other shoving a dead hooker into your trunk.  Below are some of the basics:

1)  Use a blindfold and some restraints during your sex act.

2)  Employ a vibrating dildo and have it inside you or her while having sex.

3)  Get really dressed-up, jump in the car and drive to a nearby porn store with video booths, and have a little make-out session (or more) while people listen to you.  Bring hand sanitizer and don’t touch anything!

4)   Buy some vaginal tightening cream so that it feels like the first time (it really works)!

5)  Try a little choking during sex (works either way).

6)  Invite a trusted friend over to watch you enjoy each other.  Be careful with this one – everyone is thief when it comes to sex and drugs!

7)  By a little sex guide from a porn or book store and try a new position.  A good one is “A Position A Day” by

8)  Girls:  seriously, occasionally wear something very sexy just for him/her.  It will be noticed and appreciated!

9)  Buy an inflatable vibrating butt plug – it works on both men and women and can totally change your sexual experience.

10)  Food sex – but make it really dirty, unexpected, and fun!!!

So, for Valentine’s day 2013 get out there with your significant other and brave spending the night with the local PD by doing something unexpected and totally weird. You never know what a  little bit of insane bravery will bring to your love life, and if it fails there is always next year (and if your impulsiveness drives your person away, he/shes was not right for you, anyway).  And for those of you who are alone, I totally welcome you to imagine me doing anything you wish if it helps make your Valentine’s Day experience better!  Happy holiday!!!


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  • 1. Limburg  |  February 14, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    Thanks Nikki,

    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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