Reflections on My First Public Modeling Event

November 19, 2012 sexyknees


The Bluwater Bikini Shoot at Carolina Beach was my first genuinely public modeling event.  All my previous engagements were either in a studio or were being shot in such a way that people didn’t really know what was happening (e.g.: my first photographer and I took fetish pictures at the NC State University library for a gallery but were lost way up in the stacks – no one noticed).  I was both really excited and terrified.

I always wear heals so walking around flat-footed made me feel like a shrimp among lobsters (remember – I am only 5’4″, which is really small for a model).  Also, my sunglasses broke right before we left so I had to pick up a cheap replacement on the way.  To make matters worse, it was over 100 degrees so we were all sweating profusely – not really good for makeup!  That being said, I had more fun that day than in many, many years.  For one, I was hanging out with some of the most beautiful women in the world – all of whom were super nice.  Tessa, our host, was incredibly nice and made me feel very much at ease (she also knows how to throw a great and entertaining event!). Finally, this was the first time I had been to the beach since I got my implants.  It was wonderful to feel the sand on my feet and ocean flowing past my legs.  I didn’t realize how much I missed the smell and sounds of the sea.

I was heart-broken when I had to cancel my appearance at this year’s Bluwater event, but it was for a good and unavoidable reason (my aunt was dying and had to remain on-call – she recently passed).  I know that I will be at the next event, however, and hope to see you all next summer.  I’ll be sure to post the time and day as soon as it is available!

PS: the above photo was taken by Photo-Gen-ic

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