Nikki on: Prophetic Dreams

November 16, 2012 sexyknees

Just found a bunch of old photos I never edited, so expect to see a lot of them!

For years I have had very lucid dreams during which I am either seeing through other people’s eyes or am being guided by entities who wish to reveal secrets and/or important events.  Many of these dreams are just my subconscious helping me deal with stressful situations or make critical decisions (and occasionally provide really creative ideas like my show).  However, in recent years – the past three to be precise – nearly all of my dreams have been something more akin to visions, and none too pleasant.

I am not a great person.  I may be good at heart but I spend more time entertaining selfish pursuits than tending to the needs of the poor and helpless.  Yes, I have my charitable endeavors and they are definitely heart-felt, but if I were a better person I would dedicate all of my time helping those in need rather than just a few days a week.  I’m not seeking sainthood, but know that I need to follow my own advice and live without regret – in my case I need to love more and give more of myself to a world in desperate need of light.

So yes, my dreams and/or visions may be nothing more than that significant part of my soul which is trying to tear me away from the safety of that which I know and dedicate my life to making the world a better place.  However, given the nature of these dreams and that undeniable sensation that someone or something far bigger and better than I is attempting to warn me of things to come, I’d rather err on the side of caution and start delivering these messages to you.

I’ve kept a record of my dreams ever since they started turning prophetic.  Though they may not be easy to understand or decipher, the general idea is clear enough.  Do not misunderstand me and think I am revealing to you some great truth and that the end of days is fast approaching.  In the end, they are just the dreams of some girl from rural North Carolina who never read the Bible.  Take away from my visions what you will.  All I can say for sure is that the world has not gotten better – people have become so much smarter yet dumber at the same time, our power to destroy absolute, our hearts have grown dimmer, our faith shaken, and no matter how hard we try we no longer really communicate with each other – so no matter what we need all the help we can get.  If my dreams convince even just a few of you find the strength to fight the good fight then I have done my job.

PS:  I am super-curious if anyone else is having the same visions so please let me know if any of my dream postings rings a bell!!!

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