Support my Boobies and See More of Them!

July 18, 2012 sexyknees


The time has finally come, folks!  I need to replace my boobies for a non-leaky pair.  Well, one to be precise.  But since I am obsessed with symmetry I will need to replace both so that they will look and feel the same.  Also, it’s about that time (I had my surgery in 2005).

As you may have noticed, I don’t like to show my breasts often because one is smaller than the other due to a small leak, and I am extremely self-conscious about this slightly painful dilemma.  Over the past 5 years the difference in size has become quite noticeable and it prevents me from wearing a lot of outfits in which you’d love to see me.  I am actually very, very happy with the quality of my implants and the skill of my doctor (he is truly amazing and I highly recommend his services), but I am literally suffering every time a drop of saline enters my body.

So here’s the deal – I need to raise 4k for both the replacement surgery as well as travel expenses (the Zukowski clinic is in Wilmette just north of Chicago).  I will be collecting donations from generous fans who wish to see more of my boobies, which I will gladly do once they are symmetric again.  You have no idea what this will do for my self-esteem.  I thank you in advance for your interest and understanding (even if you can’t afford to donate funds)!!!

PS:  please contact me for details about donating funds.

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