Are Aliens Watching Us?

July 14, 2012 sexyknees

Test shot from a photo shoot


I believe in UFOs for a very simple reason:  far too many stable, credible witnesses – ranging from airline pilots to military generals – have come forth and declared that they have encountered vehicles from another world.  Such announcements are becoming much more frequent, and it concerns me.  I’ll explain why.

For 160,000 years Homo Sapiens advanced very slowly.  We were chucking spears at each other until roughly 600 years ago when the first firearm was discharged, and then another 500 years passed with very little change.  In 1945 the atomic bomb was detonated, and then came Roswell.  Since that time we have developed relatively instant intercontinental travel, global economic integration, the internet, cell phones and computers, achieved massive strides in medicine and science, the ability to destroy the entire plant either via nuclear weapons or environmental disaster, and space flight.  Good or bad, the past 50 years has been the most vigorous and important time in human history.

Here is my point:  if there are alien observers, once that first atomic weapon was detonated we drew their close attention.  When our astronauts landed on the moon, they probably looked even closer.  In the past 30 years with the lightning speed of our technological advancement they would have been in a frenzy to keep up with our activity.  Why?  Because we are dangerous, aggressive, animalistic creatures who have been screwing each other over for 160,000 years, and now we are on the verge of mastering interstellar flight.  It would be incredibly dumb for them to not pay attention.

My guess is that as soon as we are ready to launch our first manned mission to Mars we’ll be bombed back to the stone age.  We’ve given no one any indication we can be trusted.  Look at America alone – we sailed over from Europe unwelcomed, killed most of the indigenous population with disease, and then proceeded to eliminate any opposition to our advancement through military force.  Those who remained were marched into tiny reservations to remain outcasts in their own land.  We lie, cheat and steal to get what we want, and if it can’t be done peacefully we will do it by force.  Why on earth would any intelligent creature want us poking around their planet?

Look at the world as a house and we are all family.  What we are doing is walking around with muddy shoes, crapping on the floor, tossing our leftovers anywhere except the garbage can, letting our siblings starve, and murdering each other over the rooms with a better view.  We’re horrible to each other and just as bad to our own home – which hasn’t been painted in decades.  If you are an occupant of a different house and knew what we are like, would you invite us over for a visit?  I know I wouldn’t!  In fact, I’d seriously consider blowing up house number three before those horrible little creatures show up on my doorstep.

Though we have not given our probable alien observers a reason to call off a massive attack there is still hope.  We need to show any visitor that we can work together as a species, avoid the primitive urge to kill and take what isn’t ours, and stop crapping where we eat (but at the same time not be complete pussies).  If they see improvement they may consider us as being worthy of cooperative ventures, or at least will leave us alone.  If not, sooner or later we’re doomed.

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  • 1. kyle e.  |  July 14, 2012 at 10:26 am

    great reasoning for the chance of us being watched by an alien species.. i always love your blog so much Nikki, cause of the true wide variety of things you write on!

    • 2. sexyknees  |  July 14, 2012 at 3:58 pm

      Most of my musings occur in the shower just after I awake. I’ll just be standing in the steamy mist enjoying the water dripping down my back and all of a sudden will think, “hey…it actually makes complete sense that UFO sightings have increased substantially over the past few decades dues to reasons x, y, and z,” out of nowhere. I then must rush through the rest of my shower in order to write down my thoughts before they slip away. Not a bad way to start the day, I suppose!

      • 3. kyle e.  |  July 14, 2012 at 4:11 pm

        i hope you get a chance and check out my 2 blogs on occasion Nikki… i post my art there pretty frequently.

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