My “Three Strikes” Idea for DWI

April 2, 2012 sexyknees

Enjoying a Drink!

Most of us enjoy a drink every now and then, and some of us enjoy a drink several times a day.  I have nothing against drinking – I just don’t approve of drinking and driving for the simple fact that it endangers other people’s lives.  I know a lot of alcoholics and they are, by and large, very good people whom prefer to self medicate rather than seek assistance from a therapist and/or doctor, so I mean no disrespect by expressing my thoughts on the issue of drinking and driving.

Since current laws seem to have little to no effect on reducing DWI convictions I present the following “Three Strikes” proposal:

1)      The first DWI offense should be a fine – we all make mistakes.

2)      The second DWI conviction should include twice the original fine plus a mandatory yellow flashing warning light to be affixed to the roof of the offender’s car and in operation any time the vehicle is in motion for a period of 6 months.  This will warn all others that the individual driving the vehicle is a DWI risk and to be careful in their presence.  Utilizing someone else’s vehicle to avoid detection will result in revocation of driving privileges for one year.

3)      The third DWI offense obviously means that the individual has a problem preventing him or herself from drinking and driving.  Instead of jail time – which is ineffective and a waste of taxpayer’s money – use the same funds to appoint a therapist to the offender and seek a resolution to the problem.  The fine will be three times the original plus the indefinite revocation of driving privileges until the therapist gives the state his/her approval for reapplication.  The yellow caution light will be affixed to the offender’s car for a period of one year once driving privileges are restored.

I’ve given my idea many years of thought and feel that it is a fair system to protect both the people and the recipient of the DWI.  Like I said, people make mistakes and everyone has problems – no one is perfect.  It is fair to those around a repeat DWI offender to be warned of a potential threat to their safety and is helpful to the offender to avoid pointless jail time (to be honest, I think our penal system is a complete waste of taxpayer’s dollars and needs to be completely revamped with a heavy focus on therapy, education, and job placement).  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter so please send me your comments.  Once again, I really don’t mean to offend anyone!

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  • 1. Don  |  April 3, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    I agree

    • 2. sexyknees  |  July 14, 2012 at 5:30 pm

      Thanks, Don! This is a touchy subject but one on which I feel particularly strong. Driving while drunk is an absolutely unnecessary endangerment of other people’s lives. If there were no taxis or buses then maybe I would understand a little, but this is not the case. If someone who is hammered consciously chooses to drive him or herself home out of simple convenience and as a result hurts or kills someone else, well…not cool!

  • 3. Jean  |  November 23, 2013 at 1:46 am

    Disagree because of the DUI checkpoints (unreasonable violation of 4th amendment – suspicionless search). As things tend to spiral out of control when government is involved: The Supreme Court is now supporting WARRANTLESS, SUSPICIONLESS DNA extraction – by force – without charges or arrest.

    Now, if it actually was a situation of someone who has caused property or personal injury, I’d worry about the abuse less; as it stands now, I’m all for removing government from anything and everything. Government’s role is not to protect us from oursleves, but to prevent psychopaths from destroying the country or killing us.
    Somehow they’ve been elected to high office or joined the cops……

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