Yay Hanshin Tigers!

December 15, 2011 sexyknees

Little-known Nikki fact: I used to be an awesome hitter for my softball team when I was a kid!

Like many Americans, I love baseball.  The only difference is that I am a fan of Japanese baseball – specifically the Hanshin Tigers of Koshien.  Weird, huh?  It all started when I lived in Japan many years ago and found myself following the Tigers because they were the closest thing I had to my home in NC – everything else was very foreign even though I am part Japanese and my mother was born in Tokyo.

Though the Tigers have a symbol resembling the NY Yankees (another favorite), they are actually a sister team of the Detroit Tigers (whom I also like, mainly because Tom Selleck wore their hat while playing the role of Thomas Magnum on the hit ’80’s TV series Magnum P.I.).  Their chief rival is the Yomiuri Giants of Tokyo, and the animosity between the two teams is rumored to be even more savage than that shared with the Sox and the Yankees.

If you ever get tired of watching American baseball and want to view something new and different, give Japanese baseball a chance.  It is entertaining, highly team-spirited, and will televise some of the weirdest commercials you’ll ever see.  I am still trying to figure what some of those commercials were attempting to advertise and it has been over 2 decades!  The website of the Hanshin Tigers can be found at the following web address:   http://hanshintigers.jp/

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