Légion étrangère!

June 3, 2011 sexyknees

Légion étrangère!

In keeping with my new tradition of providing historical knowledge while wearing very sexy outfits, I present you my most recent addition:  Légion étrangère – otherwise known as the French Foreign Legion.  Here, am dressed in my version of their uniform.  Basically the only authentic piece is the Kepi (hat)!

This photo commemorates a little-known but very significant event in the history of the FFL. In June of 1941, the allies, along with the 13th Foreign Legion Demi-Brigade, invaded Syria and Lebanon, which was occupied by Vichy French troops loyal to Nazi Germany.  The invasion and much of the combat was kept quiet as the allied high command felt that the general public would frown upon French troops fighting against their fellow countrymen.  Allied forces eventually defeated the Vichy French troops and the Armistice of Saint Jean d’Acre (also known as the “Convention of Acre”) was signed on July 14, 1941, ending the campaign.

The French Foreign Legion was created in 1831 and still exists today, serving in Afghanistan, Djibouti, French Guiana, Gabon, and Mayotte.  It maintains eleven regiments and one sub brigade, totaling 7,700 men from as many as 38 different countries.  Although historically the Legion served as a haven for criminals and mercenaries, recent changes in the admission process prevents recruitment of convicted felons.  In fact, improvements in conditions and professionalism has attracted applicants from more stable countries such as the US rather than the waves of ex-NVA (East German) and Polish soldiers as was the case in the ’90’s.  It is still possible, however, to gain French citizenship by serving in the FFL for 3 years (as long as you stay out of trouble).  Parlez vous Fracais, anyone?

The Flag of the French Foreign Legion

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  • 1. Ky Erickson  |  June 5, 2011 at 2:42 am

    cool to learn a lil bit of history about the French Foriegn Legion. the only things i ever knew about it were the things i learned from watching bad movies, so basically i didnt know a damn thing *LMAO*

  • 2. Kevin Dillon  |  April 26, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    just so you know that the kepi your wearing is no longer issued that way as they are all now white. They were issued that colour in the 1920’s but what with cleaning and sun bleaching they turned white, so as everyone looked the same on parade they started issuing them only in white. Hence the term we use “Kepi Blanc” White cap. They wear the “Kepi Blanc” now on parade as to honour many years of service in desert areas like Algeria. The cloth neck screen is a movie add on. And the legion slow march as to represent and simulate marching across the desert. The “centron bleu” the wide blue cloth wrapping around the waist worn underneath the normal green webbing belt is also a tradition from the desert its original purpose was to ease the pain of stomach cramps and other stomach ailments caused by bad food and bad water, when worn you cant help but stand straight and its almost impossible to sit down.
    (ex legion 1987-91 2 rep)

    • 3. sexyknees  |  July 14, 2012 at 5:07 pm

      Thank you so much for the information, Kevin! I actually have the white kepi, but followed color coordination rather than accuracy (I don’t have a white skirt). I hope I didn’t offend!

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