May 18, 2011 sexyknees

Come aboard!

Which means “hello” in Russian.  I used to live in Russia, which explains some of my props!  In this particular picture I am wearing the beret of the Soviet Naval Infantry, otherwise known as the Морская пехота – kinda like our Marines (let there be no misunderstanding , though – our Marines are better!).

The above is another series of photos I will be selling to those whom wish to own an exclusive picture of me.  I just want you to see that the quality of the item you purchase will be a heck of a lot better than a picture of my computer screen!  By the way, if you see an image of a new series and like it, be sure to tell me as I probably have a number of similar photos you can purchase.  I’ll email you a copy of the computer screen and you can let me know if you wish to buy it or not.  Its a lot of work and kind of a pain to do it this way, but I just don’t want anyone else walking around with a photo that only you are supposed to possess!

Remember:  you can buy any photo you have seen of me for posted rate of $10 plus $4.50 shipping (except the x-rated ones – I’ll have to understand the laws about selling pornographic pictures first).  Just remember that anyone can buy that item so don’t expect exclusivity.

A Little About the Soviet Naval Infantry:

Created in 1961, the Soviet Naval Infantry maintained a force of 18,000 troops (the 55th Naval Infantry Division) stationed in Vladivostok until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989.  There were also three independent brigades located at Pechenga (the 63rd Guards Kirkenneskaya Brigade), Baltiysk (the 36th Guards Brigade), and Sevastopol.  At its height, the Морская пехота had over 80 landing ships, 2 Ivan Rogov-class landing transports (which were capable of carrying one infantry battalion and 40 armored vehicles), and 75 air-cushion assault craft.

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