Humbug to Christmas Inc!

December 13, 2010 sexyknees

Merry Christmas!

When did the spirit of Christmas mutate from showing good will to all men and women to clutching someone’s wish list of cheaply-made merchandise from China while dashing through the mall on a frenzied shopping spree?  When I heard of the family whom felt it appropriate to camp out in front of a Best Buy a week before Thanksgiving in order to take advantage of bargain prices offered on Black Friday I threw my hands up in the air and declared that enough is enough.

In my opinion, Christmas is not about buying presents and tossing money at one another.  It isn’t even about visiting relatives and donating to a charity in someone’s name.  Christmas is about giving of yourself to make others feel loved.  It is about helping people in need, whether you know them or not.  Did Christ help only his friends and family, or did he sacrifice his life to save us all?  Think about it – whether he was the son of God or not, Christ’s legend provides us with a road map to make this world a better place and all we have to do is follow it.

If you really wish to enjoy the best that Christmas can offer, donate some food to the local homeless shelter.  Volunteer some of your time at a cancer ward for children.  Visit an orphanage and play some games with kids who don’t have anyone from whom to demand the latest X-Box 360 game or begrudgingly accept a gift only to return it and pocket the cash.  Or, perhaps, drop by a nursing home and hold the hand of someone whom the world has completely forgotten and has no one left to share the holiday.

If you think I am just throwing out ideas with no intention of following through myself you are wrong.  I not only donate food and money to people whom I don’t know, but I also spend time helping children who have no one to love and no one to love them.  If little old me can give so easily with barely enough money to eat, then so can you.

Lets make this holiday what it can and should be together.  You don’t have to fly to Bosnia and dig up land mines – just help someone you don’t know…just one.  And when Christmas is over, hang on to the spirit of the holiday and never let go.  Maybe…just maybe…we’ll make this world a better place for us all.  What better Christmas present could there possibly be?

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  • 1. Michael Wolf  |  January 6, 2011 at 7:47 am

    Well stated. I have long given up on the “religious” aspect of Christmas due to the totally sacrilegious rituals of “gifting” for the sake of stimulating the economy. Why not call the month of Dec “National Stimulus Month”? Afterall, isn’t that what we’re doing when we’re encouraged to spend, spend, spend?

    I celebrate the SEASON. .not the day. I found out what my gf was giving me. .a flatscreen TV. . so we watched it. Two weeks prior to Dec 25. I hinted around and learned that she would enjoy reading on a Kindle, so I gave her one. .a week before Christmas. On Dec 25, things came and went without fanfare. One gift. No elaborate decorations. No fanfare. Heartfelt feelings that we have each other.

    I would go as far to say, why celebrate the spirit of Christmas only in Dec? Afterall, what do the homeless eat beyond Christmas and Thanksgiving? And aren’t those in nursing homes, orphanages or kennels (my own fav charity. .dogs), needy year round? Of course they are. Those foodbanks need restocking every day. So spread the kindness year round.

    As a nation, we’ve lost our way. I guess I’m an old dinosaur now. .reflecting back to simpler times when families, simple gifts, caroling and the fun of truly enjoying Christmas for what it stood for. . meant a lot. I’m not sure we can mend this now. But your suggestions are spot on.

    Merry Christmas in April. .June. .August. . you get the point.

    • 2. sexyknees  |  January 17, 2011 at 9:22 pm

      I am so glad that someone finally commented on this blog! I was afraid that I had offended everyone. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love Christmas and enjoy the holiday season for all the old traditional reasons. It just makes me sad that the vast majority seem to have traded true affection and family togetherness for a list of wants and the need to satisfy material desires. God have mercy on your soul if you fail to produce what has been asked of you, you know? And yes, even as a child I have always felt that the spirit of Christmas should last all-year long. Charity and love of your fellow man should not be restricted to just a small part of the calendar year! Thanks, Michael, for your thoughts!!!

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