Detroit City – Diamond in the Rough?

November 8, 2010 sexyknees

I flew into Detroit Metro Airport yesterday and it dawned on me that I never liked Detroit city…but without good reason.  I chalked it up to an unpleasant previous life, but that’s a pretty flimsy excuse for openly disliking a place which I have never visited.

From the air, Detroit seems quite beautiful – it is amazingly flat, well-planned, and surrounded by emerald blue lake Erie.  There seems to be plenty to do in and around the city…or at least that is how it looked from my little airplane window.  No black snow, no chimneys belching toxic smoke, and the rusting factories seem to be well out of sight.  Have I unjustly given Detroit a bad name?

Help me people – give me a good reason to visit Detroit and spend some time exploring all that your city has to offer.  I want to overcome the images of riots, murders, and defunct factories that we who live outside your fine metropolis are inundated with on a daily basis by the overly depressing media.  Who knows – I might come up and do a photo shoot there sometime soon.  Maybe at the factories?  They could provide a wonderful background now that I think of it!!!

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