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November 4, 2010 sexyknees

Testing out a bed!

Over the years I have had the opportunity to stay at a bewildering variety of hotels in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area.  During my stay I would examine the grounds, try the restaurant/breakfast buffet, explore the workout room, and…of course…test the bed for comfort, rest, and sex.  I wish to pass this information on to you so that you may use my experience to help you find a great room at a great price whenever you travel to the RTP area.

Overall, I have found that the Residence Inn located on Navaho Drive (misspelling  courtesy of the city of Raleigh) to be the best for customer care, friendliness of staff, and comfort.  The rooms are huge and will give you the feeling that you are at home rather than in a hotel.  There is almost no noise from your neighbors, the grounds are peaceful with a beautiful center court which includes a tennis court, workout room, and pool/whirlpool.  The breakfast bar is ample, and in the evening dinner is served to anyone who cares to attend.  Finally, the bed is simply made for sex – it is large, soft and provides plenty of anchor space for rope play, etc.  The couch, bar, sliding glass door – all tempt your drive for kinky foreplay!  The rates are very, very reasonable, so a weekend getaway is easy to afford.  Who knows – you might even see me if you look carefully enough!

Next on my list is the Residence Inn  by Crabtree mall in Raleigh.  Here again everything is peaceful, comfortable, and home-like.  I find that this location is actually a bit more plush than the one on Navaho.  Try to go for a corner room as it will provide you with a balcony and wonderful view of the Crabtree area.  I’d say this hotel is better for resting and enjoying the sights rather than flat-out kinky sex.  As far as a romantic getaway, however, the Residence Inn-Crabtree is probably at the top of my list of affordable hotels.

The Hilton on Wake Forest Road has everyone beat so far as a comfortable bed is concerned.  I slept incredibly well, which says a lot!  I’d probably not engage in noisy sex here as the hallway entrance will make your private affairs the business of anyone who cares to listen as they walk past your room.  Compared to the new 4 star Renaissance at North Hills, I’d give the Hilton my vote as you get more for less – although the view at the Renaissance is better.  There is nice bar downstairs, by the way, so if you are feeling adventurous this might be a place to explore!

The Doubletree in Durham is a wonderful hotel with a great restaurant.  You must walk past the front desk to get out, which make this location a little less suitable for shy people like me, but if you want to stay indoors you couldn’t ask for more.  The bedroom is removed from the main room, so noisy sex is no problem at all!  There are plenty of mirrors, so if you enjoy watching yourself you will be in heaven.  Just as is the case with the Residence on Navaho, this hotel just screams sex and you can find a kinky use for almost every surface.  Once you are done having fun, the bed you just disheveled will put you to sleep in no time.  Outside you will find a beautiful pool and a pond with a great walking path for exercise.  The bar is nice and the drinks are decently priced.

The Marriott Courtyard in Morrisville, Cary, and Raleigh all have wonderful grounds.  The rooms are standard, but very nicely appointed.  I like to stay at these locations mainly to spend time at the pool, which is nice enough to have an enjoyable time.  Again, the staff at any of these locations is wonderful and will make you feel at home.  Departing for a night out is easy with plenty of exits leading straight to the parking lot – just be sure to remember your key or your will have to go by the front desk to get back in!

For a safe, inexpensive stay try the LaQuinta at RTP or Highway 55 in Durham.  They have ample exits for a quick departure if you are going out, quite rooms, simple but nice courtyards, and enough space to have a decent amount of fun for the night.  The bed is fine, and I have no trouble sleeping whenever I stay at any LaQuinta hotel.  I found the breakfast to be limited but adequate.  The RTP location is perfectly suited for morning flights from RDU airport.

These are just my top choices based on price, comfort, and sex – there are plenty more hotels and motels I can rate for you, so just let me know if you want to hear about my experience at any location in the RTP area.  Feel free to ask me anything and I will tell you what I think.  Whether you are a fellow exhibitionist, a shy TV wanting to go out without incident, or simply want a decent bed to sleep in at a good price, I am here to help!

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