And Then There Were Two

September 2, 2010 sexyknees

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long delay again, but I have been busy at work selecting a publisher for Sexy Knees. What I thought would be a simple process is actually anything but! I have examined over 55 different firms and all are very promising. What complicates things is that they are all basically the same and only in the details will any significant pluses and/or minuses be revealed. At this point I have narrowed the selection down to two and will be making my final decision on which to pursue by the end of this week (providing that I am not swept away by hurricane Earl tomorrow!). Once I pick my publisher the printing process will take 4 weeks, so my book should be in your hands before Halloween!

Double Trouble!

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  • 1. ky  |  September 2, 2010 at 2:48 am

    congrats on narrowing it down to 2 publishers. i hope the final decision will be a painless one. also congrats on going with color piccies. your beauty will stand out no matter what you chose, but i think color will really make you shine. hope you and i can talk sometime soon so i can give you a vocal congrats 😀

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