Transville, USA?

August 7, 2010 sexyknees

Police Chief Nikki patroling the streets of Transville? It could happen!

I was driving home from DC the other day and came up with an amusing concept:  a town established in a liberal state wherein the inhabitants are mostly the transgendered and their mates/spouses.  I call it “Transville”.  It is a fun idea, true, but think of the incredible potential such a city would provide by way of Vegas-style entertainment and its unique tourist appeal.   Not only would it be a wonderfully safe haven for anyone living a G/L/TG lifestyle, but also be a Mecca for those whom are curious about our way of life.  There could be shows, plays, clubs – all of which would provide employment and a constant source of municipal income.  G/L/TG psychological and medical experts could also establish practices in Transville and focus their attention on those in need of their services without anyone being afraid of public humiliation.

Okay – I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about and do not know the first thing about incorporating a town, but if I find enough supporters for my concept and people whom are willing to take the necessary steps to make this happen, I will be the first to throw my name into the hat to be the police chief!  Could you imagine me enforcing the law in my schoolgirl outfit?  Sexy on many levels, I’d say!  Seriously, though – let me know what you think of my idea and lets make it happen.

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  • 1. ky  |  August 7, 2010 at 6:01 pm

    oh Nikki, what a wonderful idea! a Transville would certianly be an amazing concept. i know there are towns that are “dedicated” to twins, and midgets. i think Transville is a very relistic idea if the right people were behind it.

    as for the idea of you being the police chief, i think there is a good chance Transville would have the highest crime rate in the country *lol* i know i would certianly want to be your prisoner for a nite or 2 *winks*

    • 2. sexyknees  |  August 14, 2010 at 7:27 pm

      I am glad you like the idea! It sounds like something which could be done with the right support, and there are certainly plenty of people whom would be very willing to make Transville their new home, so lets see what can be done. With liberal state gambling laws it could be like a mini Vegas!

  • 3. Adam  |  August 8, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    If it never comes about in real life, it would at the very least make for an excellent theme to be played out in a full length feature film!

    • 4. sexyknees  |  August 14, 2010 at 7:29 pm

      I would be very interested to read the “Transville” script! I am curious whom people would like to see playing the part of Nikki?

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