Nikki on: Being a Sex Slave

June 14, 2010 sexyknees
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This is an exciting issue for me!  And no, I am not talking about white slavery – that is a very serious problem which needs much more attention.  For now, however, I wish to concentrate on my feelings about being a sex slave in the world of make believe!

Although I am a naturally dominant person, there are times when I fantasize about being in the control of someone’s sexual desires.  What is amusing is that men…and women…come to me because they are constantly in control and want to let go for an hour or two.  They want to experience being submissive and being left to the whims of someone more powerful.  Since I am a dominatrix it makes total sense that I, too, sometimes feel like letting go.

Anyone whom has ever known me can testify that I am one of the last people on the planet whom can willingly submit to the control of someone else.  I am not speaking in terms of having a boss or being part of a team – I am speaking only of sex.  I feel…comfortable…being in charge and so do the people I am with.  That being said, I love entertaining the fantasies of others and helping them explore – just don’t be pushy or rude.

There have been times when I have toyed with being a sex slave.  I’ve been handcuffed and forced to do things to others.  I’ve been bound and gagged, then whipped and violated with various toys.  I’ve been stun-gunned until completely defenseless, then taken advantage of by my “captor”.  I’ve been tied to a chair and left in an empty warehouse, open to the advances of the night guard.

I’ve also entertained role-playing fantasies.  I’ve been a street prostitute forced into a car and taken to a park to do things for free.  I’ve been a student willing to submit to her professor to get a passing grade.  I’ve been a drug addict freely giving herself away for her next hit.  I’ve been a prisoner getting ready to be hung and given one last request.  I’ve “served” my boss under his desk while he made phone calls.  The list goes on…

Despite the fact that I am horribly dominant, I can truly have fun when I let go.  I’ve learned to relax and take things a lot less seriously, so pride has nothing to do with my chosen personae whenever I play subbie.  I just get into my role and enjoy the ride!  So, if you are like me and have a hard time not being the boss, try reversing the role from time-to-time while having sex.  You might find yourself a little less stressed the next day!

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  • 1. ky  |  June 14, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    *blushes* oh gosh, i think i just ruined my panties reading that blog Miss Nikki. tho i would always want to be your little submissive, that blog certianly made me want to be your sex-slave more and more *giggles*

  • 2. sostacy  |  June 15, 2010 at 12:39 am

    WOW Nikki … You are so darn creative, I love how your mind plays– I am very sub, and you have just given me many more ways to serve my next mistress –I would love to think I could handle being your PET…but the mental trauma might be too much…

    • 3. sexyknees  |  June 18, 2010 at 12:41 pm

      Make sure to send me stories!

  • 4. Michael Wolf  |  January 6, 2011 at 8:40 am

    This is why I’m bi with CDs into the BDSM arena. The creative outlets are endless. Although I can tie you in a tight hogtie with the best of them, why not enjoy the other ends of the ropes? I hear ya. Makes perfect sense to me.

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