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June 13, 2010 sexyknees
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Playing hooker for my photographer in Durham, 1996

Posing on Morning Glory Avenue in Durham, 1998

I’ve had the opportunity to explore a wide variety of sexual positions in a wide variety of places.  Yes, sex on a comfortable bed is wonderful and sensual, but when it comes to wide-eyed, hard-core, porn-worthy action there is no place more appealing than in front of a crowd.  Once you overcome stage fright and stop questioning whether or not you may look silly and/or disgusting to your viewers, you’ll more than likely get a little – or a lot – turned on knowing that you are starring in your very own smut show for a very appreciative crowd.

The first time I engaged in exhibitionist sex was when performed oral on a friend in an empty parking lot.  I got down on my knees and did my very best to put on a wonderful performance.  The more I got into what I was doing the less I worried about being discovered and the more I hoped that someone would happen upon us.  The key was not caring – not caring about how I looked, who was watching, or what would happen if we got caught.  If I considered any of these distractions I would have been nervous and wouldn’t have enjoyed being in the spotlight.  After this first successful act I was hooked and soon having sex in public everywhere, and as my confidence grew I no longer worried about pesky complications.

Where have I had done my exhibitionist deeds?  Office buildings, parking lots, driveways, rest stops, alleys, city streets, parks, balconies and patios, restrooms, porn shops, on the interstate with the dome light on, and a few more that I can’t quite recall.  I don’t have a laundry list of places I’d like to sully, but can say that every rest stop I see makes me wish I could dirty up the place after dark!

Although the above may make me seem reckless and foolhardy, I actually practice a great deal of self-restraint when it comes to my desires.  I have tremendous respect when it comes to families, and do not wish for children to see anything inappropriate.  I’ve been around enough to know that the mother and father may be just as kinky as I, but the kids are innocent and don’t need to be exposed to such activities.

Okay, if you are like me and wish to engage in exhibitionist sex with the least amount of risk, I can offer you the following tips:

1)  Select your location carefully: avoid any location wherein if you are discovered someone will complain.  Stick to places where law enforcement is minimal and similar activities are common.  Porn shops, swingers parties, festish clubs, etc are good examples.

2)  Do not do anything where children may be present: stay away from shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.  This is more of a personal crusade of mine, but seriously, keep kids away from such things.

3)  Scope out your location ahead of time: check out your preferred spot by making several drive-bys and watch for patterns.  Make note of when there is a lull in activity, when police may make scheduled passes, whether or not the people are the type whom would be accepting of your particular brand of exhibitionism, what the employees are like, etc.

4)  When in doubt, go to the horse’s mouth: one of my favorite places to play are porn stores as everyone there kind of expects to see people having sex.  I found it very helpful to talk with the employees and be up-front and honest about my intentions to see if they would be okay with my plans.  They can tell you where the cameras are located, whether or not the manager is okay with the idea, if there are any weird people to avoid, etc.  Sometimes offering a $20 helps out a lot when it comes to your protection.  Regulars of the establishment are also a great source for information and I encourage you to discuss with them your concerns, but be careful whom you trust.

5)  Know your partner: be sure your partner is completely on-board with your idea.  It is really, really unnerving if he or she freaks out while you are in the middle of things.

6)  Do it late: when you engage in exhibitionist acts late at night there are much fewer chances you will offend someone and almost zero probability kids will be present.  I’ve had sex in hotels late at night with the shades open and lights on simple because the only people up that late are perverts like me wanting to see someone putting on a free sex show!

7)  Watch out for cops: self-explanatory.  Don’t get arrested just for having fun.  It isn’t worth it!  The best way to do this is to watch the area for a few days before your event and speaking with people whom frequent the location.

8)  Use condoms: use a condom if your partner is a random stranger.  I know the idea is extremely sexy to some of us, but try to protect yourself if you choose to get really crazy.

9)  Take a ride: giving or getting great oral while driving around on the interstate later in the evening is wonderful.  Avoid doing it too early or too late – too early might produce complaints, and too late there will be more police.  Try putting on a show for truck drivers – it might help them stay awake!  Just be aware that they communicate with each other, and you never know who might be listening in.  Keep your performances short, and if you use the dome light, do it sparingly.  Highway patrol on a slow night might take an interest and the last place you want to be is in someone’s lap when the blue lights come on!

10) You can cheat: one of my tricks is to have sex in the window of a hotel room.  If you turn off the lights and open the opaque shade but leave the sheer ones closed you can do anything you want and no one will be able to see you, even if they walk right past your window.  Just make sure no lights are shining directly into your room.  The end result is you will feel like you are showing the world your best porn performance but no one will be the wiser.  Another way to cheat is to go to a sex party, often advertised on various kink and/or fetish sites and are typically held at private residences.  Check the restrictions, but people are usually having sex all over the place and it is perfectly safe.

Well, that is about all I can tell you about having safe public sex.  If you think I have left something out or wish to know more, just ask and I will gladly tell!

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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. ky  |  June 13, 2010 at 1:53 am

    oh what a great blog nikki. ill certianly take note of your suggestions on how to choose a public place.

    • 2. sostacy  |  June 15, 2010 at 12:31 am

      Hey Nikki…loved your insight on public places–always have been kinda afraid, but would love to give your tips a try …
      sure sounds exciting.

      • 3. sexyknees  |  June 15, 2010 at 12:35 am

        Great! I look forward to hearing about the results!!!

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