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June 13, 2010 sexyknees
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This photo has nothing to do with ghosts!

I come from two cultures which strongly believe in ghostly phenomena.   That being said, I tend to approach claims with an open mind but maintain a bit of skepticism.  I prefer to look at things from a scientific point-of-view and ask myself whether drugs were involved, question the credibility of the person telling the story, and consider the possibility that what was seen could have been something which may have been confused as a ghost.  So, when I say that I believe someone it actually means something.

I’ve heard plenty of stories from friends and family about apparitions and find them all to be true.  Visitations from friends whom just died in a car accident, suicide victims screaming over s static-ridden phone line, children running back and forth in the attic – all stories from very credible and well-respected people.

Personally, I have had my own experiences and am left with only one conclusion – I have been visited, too.  In my dreams I have had dead friends speak to me, telling me things that I didn’t know, only to find out later that what I heard was actually true.  There was no possible way I could have gleaned this information from any source prior to these dreams, so I have very little choice but to believe they were speaking to me in my sleep.

I’ve also been the victim of some negative phenomena.  At my new apartment I began noticing odd shadows shortly after moving in.  I tried to explain them by rationalizing – maybe I had too much to drink that week, or was having some kind of flashback.  Maybe I ate something bad, or perhaps there was a slight breeze.present.  One night after a glass of wine I fell asleep and was awoken 30 minutes later and found a beautiful brunette sitting on the opposite end of the couch.  She and I had a very nice conversation – none of which I can recall – and then fell back asleep.  I woke again just a little while later and asked if she was still around.  It was only then that I realized that no one was ever there.  Could it have been a dream or the effects of the wine?  Of course, it is absolutely possible, but I can say that nothing like this has ever happened to me before or since.

The occurrences increased over time and started to turn ugly.  I got the idea one night of making my home a neutral zone where anything could visit as long as nothing got rude.  Being fascinated with necromancy (not necrophilia!) I figured, why not?  Besides, being a veteran of ghostly visits in dreamland there was very little I would fear of visitations while awake.  After I welcomed the lost, who seemed to feel welcome coming by anyway, I started to notice that what was once friendly was turning a bit hostile.  I began having night terrors, waking up in the middle of the night unable to breathe, speak, or move.  Even so, I did not want to consider the possibility that I may be falling victim to something other-worldly which may not be kind.  Articles began to vanish, only to reappear in very obvious places a few days later.  Electronics would occasionally go haywire for no apparent reason.  There were whispers at night next to the bed, and scratching sounds heard by neighbors coming from inside the apartment.  Friends began refusing to drop by because they didn’t like the way my place felt.  The final straw was when a family member spent the night and was driven away by something that squeezed his chest the same way something had squeezed mine.

Not knowing where else to seek help, I looked up the Ghost Hunting people on SyFy (which was still SciFi at the time, which I like better) on the internet and was directed to the local branch in Raleigh and asked them investigate.  Immediately before their visit I told my house guests (the ghosts) that people were going to be dropping by to talk with them, and if they had anything to say they should say it then.  During the course of this speech a light bulb exploded, which I thought was very oddly yet appropriately timed.  The ghost hunting people arrived, ran some tests, and were actually able to hold a lengthy conversation with something hanging around in the apartment.  Other than that, nothing really exciting occurred.  However, what I did notice was that after they left, and after I screamed in a fit of frustration that everyone must go, nothing has happened since.

Okay, all of the above could be explained rationally and that none of it could be said as being absolute proof of life after death.  From my point-of-view, however, I can say that after all that I witnessed I am now a firm believer in ghosts and that everyone needs to be careful when playing with the supernatural.  You might get more than what you wish!

The following are just suggestions, but you might find them helpful:

1)  Don’t play with Ouiji boards:  they might not be bad, but whenever you hear about them it is never anything good.

2)  Be careful about objects:  they may carry something negative which may affect you or your surroundings.  When someone offers you something consider the person – if he/she is angry, depressed, etc, it may carry negative energy.  Antiques could do the same so practice caution when shopping.

3)  Trust your feelings:  if you enter a place and something just doesn’t feel right, leave.  Most likely you are on to something.

4)  Don’t invite spirits into your home:  I’ve tried it and it didn’t work out well.  I believe that most ghostly phenomena are good to neutral, but there are some out there which may do you harm.  Play it safe and keep your home to yourself!

5)  Trust your local ghost hunters:  most chapters have very, very competent people who are willing to help you.  The TAPS site – the guys on SyFy – was very helpful in assisting me find a local branch, so give them a glance if you are having trouble (  They do not charge a fee and are trustworthy and friendly.

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