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June 7, 2010 sexyknees

Anyone who knows me knows that I love wine.  Well, more accurately, I love collecting wine.  Friends always bring a bottle or two whenever they visit, and the end result is that I have a huge selection to cover almost any event, e.g.:  dates, parties with people whom you do not want to share the good stuff, good stuff you want to keep but the boss is coming over for dinner, etc.

My absolute favorite wines are as follows:

1) Tokaji:  best wine ever in my book!  Sweet dessert wine.  Perfect for dates.

2) Any eiswein:  a close second.  Sweet dessert wine.  Also perfect for dates.

3) Any plum wine:  especially Fu-Ki or Choya Umeshu.  Sweet dinner wine.  Great with sushi.  Also good for dinner parties and other social events.

4) Tej:  a wonderful honey wine from Ethiopia.  Great for relaxing as well as dinner parties and other social events.  Pretty strong.

4) Becherovka:  which is a bitter rather than a wine, but worth mentioning.  Very strong.  Great for parties.

I can offer you the following advice:  always keep a chilled bottle of Tokaji in the refrigerator.  Make sure to get no less than the 6 Puttonyos!  The number indicates the level of sweetness.  Another option is the Tokaji Essencia, which is a level above the 6.  This wine is a perfect way to close a great date with your wife, girlfriend, etc.  Any female will appreciate the knowledge and effort you have shown by selecting and preparing such a wonderful wine for her night out with you.  To add a bit of class to the nightcap, you could also swing for the tiny dessert wine glasses in which this wine is to be served.  Oh, it is very important that you purchase the Hungarian Tokaji.

Eiswein is another wonderful dessert wine and is a great second to Tokaji.  Both are pretty expensive (plan on spending anywhere between $40 to $120).  Again, be sure to keep the bottle chilled.

Plum wine is both sweet and powerful.  It has a kick and it sneaks up on you, so don’t plan on driving if you’ve had a few.  Although they are all good, I tend to stick with Fu-Ki, Choya Umeshu, and Gekkeikan.  If you wish to be a bit different and display something neat at a party, get a few bottles of the Choya Umeshu, which has Japanese plums soaking in the bottle.  You can find most of these plum wines at an Asian grocery store and are typically less than $20 per bottle.

Tej is wonderful but hard to find.  Originally from Ethiopia (I think), it is now made in a number of countries including Armenia and the US.  Don’t let the honey part fool you – this wine can kick your ass in very meaningful ways!  Drunk in moderation, however, and it can lead to a fun and relaxing evening with friends or family.  Plan on spending roughly $10 to $20 per bottle.

As far as the Becherovka is concerned, I used to drink this with an old friend of mine from the Czech Republic.  He gave me the bottle you see in the photo.  He died in a car accident many years ago, which is why I have kept this bottle in the freezer – hence the condition.  I tend to be  very sentimental, which explains a lot of the clutter you might see in my pictures!   Anyway, Becherovka is a Czech bitter and is a wonderful party drink.  It is best served chilled.  Its not for everyone, so taste test it first before serving it to others.

Okay, that is all I have to say about wine…for now.  Remember:  Tokaji for dates!!!  You’ll thank me later.

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  • 1. ky  |  June 12, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    *winks and blows a kiss to Nikki* hmmm now i know what to purchase to drink when u and i go out 😛

  • 2. sexyknees  |  December 6, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    Update: I just found a wonderful wine produced by the Tomasello Winery called Blueberry Wine and is available at Kroger and Harris Teeter. Not exactly as sweet as my favorite Tokaji, but is definitely a close second. Perfect for dessert or a romantic evening with a wonderful date. Reasonably priced at $10 a bottle, which is definitely a LOT cheaper than most of the higher-quality dessert wines offered by famous vineyards, yet just as enjoyable. Give it a try – I am sure you will love it! Tomasello also offers pomegranate, cherry, and blackberry wine.

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