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May 31, 2010 sexyknees
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A fun photo from a fun evening!I’ve recently been asked to post a blog on sex toys for men.  As you can imagine, I have plenty of personal and professional experience in regard to this issue and am glad to share my knowledge with you!

Early in my development as an anal-exploring transvestite, I lacked the information and funding necessary to find decent toys.  I resorted to abusing simple household items to avoid both embarrassment and expense.  For instance, there are a wide variety of shampoo and conditioners out there whose containers are perfectly suited for sexual exploration (Bed Head is a great example), and I took complete advantage of this opportunity.  Certain hair spray bottles work great as well, and so do condom-wrapped cucumbers, hot dogs, and sausages (make absolutely certain you use a condom on the last few items!).  I mention the above for those of you who, as did I, wish to avoid the highly stressful task of walking into an adult toy store in search of items for your personal use.

For those of you who are more adventurous, I can recommend some tools a little more exciting than produce!  If at all possible, try to see the item up close before purchasing as some sex toys are manufactured very cheaply and will break within the first few uses – in other words, avoid the internet.  Brave the adult store and do not be afraid to consult the clerk for advice.  Take it from me – be honest with the clerk as you will get much better help this way than if you come up with a story such as, “this is for a fraternity brother.”  When I used to work at an adult store I was bombarded by similar claims, and found myself giving the guy who said, “this is for me,” much better help than the other men.

Smaller butt plugs, soft gel dildos, and anal beads are great for beginners.  A good way of deciding what size is for you is to do the following:  lube up your fingers and slide in one at a time.  When you feel comfortably full, then you know that you are in need of a dildo or butt plug which is one, two, or three fingers wide.  Another thing to consider is that the best feeling comes from challenging the size which you feel comfortable and going a size beyond.  When I do this I can almost make myself cum without even touching myself!

For those of you who are more advanced, I have found that slightly harder and longer dildos work great.  They can stimulate the prostate, giving you that “almost cumming” feeling that we all enjoy.  Look for heavier items so that you have the option of bouncing up and down (my personal favorite) without the worry of the toy bending or lifting off the ground.  There are also larger anal beads (mine are about the size of tennis balls) which are fun, but are really more of a couples thing.

Important:  make sure you loosen up before trying any of the above.  Just ramming things inside you while you are unprepared is not a good idea.  Also, be sure to thoroughly wash anything before insertion.  Using a condom for each use is wise for both health and sanitary reasons (makes the toy easy to clean afterward).  For lube, I always, always, always recommend KY Silk-E.  It might be hard to find, but well worth the search.

Okay, this is all I can offer for the time being.  I hope that this information has been helpful!!!  Feel free to ask me specifics as I am always glad to help.

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  • 1. ky  |  May 31, 2010 at 10:35 am

    *giggles* wonder how many guys will go out to purchase some fun sextoys and will ask you to “help” them with their first experiments with the toys?

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