Does My Behavior Reflect How I Expect Women to Behave?

May 17, 2010 sexyknees
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Absolutely not!  I choose to be wild, crazy, adventurous, and slutty.  My life as Nikki started as an educational experience to explore what it is like to be female.  As I grew and became more comfortable as a girl I started focusing on the aspects which I enjoyed.  It just so happens that I like being extremely sexual.

I truly expect nothing from others as it is the fastest way to be disappointed.  People will be the way they choose to be, and expecting anything more is an act in futility.  I love people…all people…and want everyone to live the life they choose.

I could be doing a far better job explaining myself, but I am lacking the requisite literary faculties tonight to do any better.  What I can suggest, however, is for you to watch the movie Pleasantville.  I love this movie for several reasons, but the most important aspect to me is how it shows that people, good or bad, are beautiful because they are who they are…faults and all.  To be perfect is not human, and no one should expect it from others

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