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May 12, 2010 sexyknees
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Given the opportunity to join me on one of my super-slutty sex fests, what would you expect to encounter?  Well, without getting into graphic detail (you’ll have to buy my book for that), I will take you by the hand through an evening with me so that you can vicariously enjoy one of my crazy adventures.

Typically, I start my evenings off around 8pm.  Imagine arriving at my door just as the sun is setting, the shadows grow long and the sky cast a beautiful pinkish blue.  I answer wearing my trademark outfit:  black mini, black knee socks, 4″ heel Mary Jane schoolgirl shoes, a white short-sleeve top which ties off at the mid-rift, and a little Playboy necklace draped around my throat.  My darkly shaded lips part with a smile and I invite you in, quickly locking the door behind you.

A video featuring a very well-endowed black male and a small, attractive white female plays on the TV screen in the living room.  Heard faintly from the stereo is my favorite sex song, filling the air with an almost tangible sensuality.  You can feel sex oozing from every corner of my home, holding you…caressing you…gently.

Now that I have painted you a very colorful beginning to the evening, I’ll need to make things a bit less descriptive.  To be brief, we have a lot of fun at the apartment while you watch us in the full-length mirror I have provided immediately to the right of the TV.  After I bounce up and down on you for a while to the beat of my favorite sex song, you are left with no choice but to finish round one.

We clean up a bit and get dressed for a little excursion into the night.  Since I don’t like to plan my activities in order to keep things exciting and unrehearsed there is no particular objective, adding to the already unbearable anticipation for what is to come.  With a  final check of my makeup we exit my home and enter your car parked in a dark corner of the lot, as instructed.

Engine now idling, I slip my sex CD into your stereo and unzip your pants.  Knowing that the neighbors are probably aware of what is transpiring, you watch my head disappear into your lap and you receive a little present from me.  We drive away with my head hidden from view and pull onto the busy street in front of the apartment complex. You worry about people being able to see what I am doing, but after a few people give you an approving smile you relax, lean back, and appreciate the show I am providing for you and your new admirers.

The next destination on our imaginary tour-de-sex will be a random rest stop outside of town, lets say to the west.  Sure, it might be a little bit of a drive, but I have every intention of making the trip both visually and physically exciting.  We create a game to help make the drive more memorable – every time we approach a truck I turn on the dome light and drop down into your lap.  Occasionally you get a little worried because a semi will not relinquish the view, but the chase only gets you more excited.

Pretty soon you are fully replenished from the previous event and you are growing close to completing a second time.  I sense that you are about to overflow so I settle into my seat and rummage through my purse, eventually removing a fairly large, pink toy.  I pull my feet up onto the seat and squat down (let your imagination fill in the blanks).  The remainder of the ride you take quick peeks at me enjoying myself as you desperately try to keep the car from careening off the road!

We arrive at the rest stop and pull up to the restroom building.  I instruct you to stay in the car until I get inside and then you are to proceed to the men’s restroom.  You watch as I walk up to the sliding glass door, showing off legs which look as though they go all the way up to my neck.  Once I am around the bend you eagerly exit the vehicle and stride cautiously but proudly into the restroom, wondering what you will find waiting for you.

At first, you cannot find me and wonder if maybe I have gone to the women’s room instead.  You almost leave but then hear me call for you from inside a stall.  You enter and find me on my knees, waiting for something to do other than look up at you.  Availing yourself, I get to work and you are instantly so engulfed in the absolute sensuality of the moment that you do not care if anyone discovers us.

We exit the restroom to the catcalls of onlookers in the truck lot.  You notice several cabs flashing their lights and you feel a certain degree of pride in knowing that you have joined an exclusive club of men whom have been able to have the best of fun in one of the most public of arenas (kind of like the mile-high club).  We make a brief stop at a picnic table and I bend over, firmly gripping the edge of the bench.  For a moment we enjoy another public experience, ending only when I feel that we should probably move on to the next impromptu activity.

As we drive away you can hear a few truckers honk their horn in salute to you, the conquering hero of the rest stop!  Once we are clear of the bright lights and are back on the interstate I ready your private parts and prepare myself to perform my next trick.  Making sure that you can see clearly and that no one is close enough to cause trouble, I climb on board and place my legs between yours.  For the next few minutes you enjoy my body bouncing up and down on your lap as you drive slowly but surely towards both my home and your second “coming”!

Unable to wait a second longer you complete your final act of the evening and I squeeze you softly with my internal muscles, milking you dry.  You are totally spent and we enjoy a more relaxing drive back home.  We pull back up to my building and you and I laugh about everything we have experienced tonight.  Never again will you be satisfied with just plain old sex!

If you enjoyed the above, there are plenty of such stories in Sexy Knees.  The only difference is that what you will read actually happened!  Keep reading my blog for updates on the final release date of my book.  I hope you will like it!

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  • 1. Adam  |  May 14, 2010 at 12:59 am

    Now that sounds like a wild night! Brings new meaning to Ronnie Day’s lyrics;

    “And SCREAM…..shred your lungs I need to hear you louder now and SING… if you’ll never sing again, and when the morning comes and your throat is sore you’ll face the day like you did before, with a smile on in the end”

    ” Written At A Rest Stop ” by Ronnie Day

    Ronnie Day – Written At A Reststop (Official Music Video) – Watch more top selected videos about: Ronnie_Day

  • 2. woody  |  May 27, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    now that sounds like my kind of night! only i would have done more to you bent over the table with all the truckers watching! you DEFINITELY have game beautiful!


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