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April 27, 2010 sexyknees
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Hello, everyone!  I am a product of the ’80’s, which means I was brought up during a time when image, money, and power meant everything.  Maybe that’s just my point of view, but if you watch the TV shows and movies of that time it becomes quite apparent that those three things seemed to be pretty important.  Also, the music sucked – just my opinion.  Anyway, I never really bought into that way of thinking.  I spent most of my time engaged in introspective pursuits and focusing on growing internally rather than externally.  Of course, I concentrated on my looks just like anyone, buying nice clothes, spending way too much time on my hair, and dreaming of owning a nice little sports car (Ferrari 328GTSi in my case).  But when I was faced with the opportunity to make millions in my early 20’s, I chose love over money, and have been happy ever since.

I come from a very loving family and had a brother whom was mentally and physically handicapped.  Facing his difficulties together, we all took care of each other and are closer in ways that most families never experience.  We learned early on that love is the most important thing of all, and I have carried this belief with me all my life.  You can’t take a car or your vast fortune with you when you die (unless you are a pharaoh), so you might as well love as much as you can because I believe that what dominates your heart is what you carry into the afterlife.  You create your own heaven or hell both here and beyond.

So love…love as much as you can.  You can never go wrong by following your heart.  It may get broken from time-to-time, but to use an old and worn-out cliche, it is far better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

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