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April 21, 2010 sexyknees
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As you might have noticed, I tend to stick with just a few outfits over a period of time.  The reason why I seem to be a little limited in style is pretty simple.  These “uniforms”, as I call them, identify me.  You’ll always be able to find me out of a bunch of photos by looking for my trademark white cropped schoolgirl shirt, black mini, and black knee socks (or whatever I may have been wearing during that period).  Not that others don’t don the same duds, but I tend to stick out.  The biggest reason, however, is that certain outfits look really good on me, and I am not worried about what people might say about me showing off so much skin.  Of course, I’d never go to the mall in my little skirts as I have a tremendous amount of respect for families and their kids – you’ll only find me at locations understanding of my choice of clothes!

There were several periods clearly defined by my outfits:

1)  Early:  Grey or Leopard print long-sleeve crop-top and matching thong/5″ heels

2)  Durham early: Black cropped military jacket, white fitted tee, black mini, black knee high boots

3)  Durham late:  White long-sleeve crop-top sweater, jeans mini, black 4″ heel sandals

4)  Early 2000s:  White button-up, red or green pleated mini, white or black knee socks, 4″ heel Mary Jane shoes

5)  Mid 2000s:  White cropped schoolgirl top, black mini, black knee socks, 4″ heel Mary Jane shoes

6)  Current:  Pink cropped schoolgirl top, black mini, black or pink knee socks, 4″ heel Mary Jane shoes

If you keep these outfits in mind, you will be able to tell when any of my pictures were taken!  I know, I know…lack of artistic vision, no concept of style, not adventurous…I get it.  However, if you were to suggest a certain style in which you’d like to see me, please let me know!

At a photo shoot

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  • 1. Adam  |  April 22, 2010 at 2:34 am

    I don’t think your wardrobe is lacking in the least Nikki, as you stated, it identifies you. In my humble opinion as one of your fans, viewing pictures of you for the first time are always exciting and one does get used to “your style” and it makes you photos that much more familiar and warm to those who are familiar with you!

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