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April 21, 2010 sexyknees
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I was recently asked about how I take care of my hair in order to get it so shiny and manageable.  What I can honestly say is that everyone’s hair is different, so what works for me may not necessarily work for you.  That being said, I do take time to carefully brush my hair so that the strands are not stretched or broken, allowing me to go a bit longer than usual between haircuts, which I get maybe once every 2 months (although it should really be once a month).  Since I have extra fine hair I need to be that much more careful than most people!  As far as washing and conditioning is concerned, I shampoo twice, then let the conditioner sit for a few minutes before rinsing – once a day only.  I do not dry my hair with a dryer or use hairspray unless I have a session or a photo shoot – both will damage your hair if overused.  I know that a lot of people like to use extra products in their hair such as leave-in conditioner, etc, but I believe that less is better.  To get extra shine I sparingly use a product by  Biosilk called Silk Therapy, which I highly recommend.  For shampoo and conditioner I can say that Shiseido Tsubaki Golden Repair (the white bottles) works best for my hair type.  My favored hairsprays are Umberto Super Hold or Paul Mitchell Soft Spray.  In the end, the result of all this care is pretty good.  It took me close to 16 years of experimenting and hair care industry product development to produce the image you enjoy today!

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